Do you love free stuff as much as I do? In my Internet travels I’ve come across some really great websites that offer free tools for programming, security and just plain fun. Here is a list of the online services and software that are among my favorites.


  • – IP tracing look-up service that tells you where IP addresses are located in the world. You can also trace host and domain names. Very handy service. And no, that’s not a spelling error in the URL.
  • VirusTotal – Online malware and URL Scanner that is supported multiple security vendors, including Trend Micro. You can submit suspicious files to see if they contain malware content and get security ratings for most websites.
  • Web Of Trust – WOT is a community supported services that rates URLs according to trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety.
  • ‘;–have i been pwned? – Checks whether your email addresses and accounts associated with them to see if they have been compromised. Just enter you emails and wait to get the results.
  • PhishTank – If you are receiving strange emails that you suspect are coming from phishing sites, you can check the URLs here. This service is essentially like WOT but focuses on phishing.
  • downrightnow – If Facebook, Twitter or other social networking services seem to be slow or down, you can verify what is going on with them at this site.
  • Zach’s Word Unscrambler – Getting stuck on your Jumble puzzles?  Here’s the answer to all your problems. Yeah I know, it’s not a geeky tool like all the others. But I’m hooked on Jumble. What can I say? All work and no play makes Vic a dull boy. At any rate, if you love Jumble as much as I do, then you’ll love this tool. Thanks Zach!


  • OSSEC – Trend Micro’s opens source host intrusion detection system that provides protection for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • XAMPP – Complete LAMPP system in a single package that runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The easiest way to get a LAMPP stack up on its feet.
  • Tomcat – My favorite web server platform that supports both Jersey web services and websockets.
  • Elasticsearch – The real-time search and analytics platform that is going to a major challenger to Splunk. Elasticsearch is easy to install as a single or multiple node system. It provides a REST API and the Kibana Javascript front end.
  • Logstash – Log parsing facility that enables you to parse any logs and send them to any log collector. Logstash includes a plugin for pumping your logs into Elasticsearch.
  • IntelliJ Community Edition – My IDE of choice for developing Java applications. It works well as a Hadoop building too as well.
  • NetBeans – Good alternative to IntelliJ and Eclipse. I use this IDE for web service development since the IntelliJ Community Edition does not provide support for web services.
  • Nmap – Open source utility for network discovery and security auditing.
  • Wireshark – The champagne of network protocol analysers, don’t capture packets without it. Also open source.
  • WordPress – I’d  be remiss if I didn’t mention WordPress. One of the most popular blog management systems, WordPress can either be used from, your hosted site or by downloading it and installing by hand.